September 2004

We are settling in & have  a large number of projects already on the board.

Rod is going to work with Rotary on selecting ten sites for wells or water purification as part of the Clean Water Initiative. He is an engineer and will liaise with the Rotary director and local representatives on assessing needs.

We have some money through private donation and through Rotary for the women's cooperative trying to raise goats in an infertile area.

Pat is gathering information for a proposal to Rotary and are hoping for the possibility of a grant for distributing HIV/AIDS medication in this area which is treating a mere 50 people right now.

Pat has some teacher workshops scheduled for the Diocese & will also be speaking at a Sunday School conference and at a
series of seminars (eight in all) That will take us to Christmas.

The computer school is in good shape & we are delighted by the good faith & responsibility of those we left in charge. We did have our moments of doubt, but all is well. We are hoping to add some more instructional programs if we can get the equipment together.

We want to finish the distribution of the computers that came in the last container and improve the security of the High School as well as installing power. This is also possible by Rotary grants organised by members from other clubs.

Donations of computer equipment, school supplies etc seem to be coming in to our friend in Victoria for loading into the container that will leave at the end of October.

The hugs and African handshakes, plus the wide smiles that have greeted us have truly warmed our hearts. We miss all our friends and family in Canada, but feel very much a part of this community  too.