21 October 2001 -- I don't know if this made the North American news or not. Kenya appears to be the only country outside the US where people have received powder containing anthrax spores through the mail. A family in Nairobi received a letter which has tested positive. Interestingly, it was mailed on Sept. 8.

Anthrax is endemic here, particularly in the northern part, but the powder of course is more dangerous because it is inhaled.

This mailing, because of the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi in 1998, where 12 Americans and 217 Kenyans lost their lives, worries people. 

The paper also ran a story today on the infestation of the ground with anthrax and the pollution of the rivers with cholera that happened nearly 20 years ago in an area of Zimbabwe. These diseases still crop up in the area when the environment is right.

2002 Patricia Crossley

23 October