6 February 02     In a nutshell, Miriam is back!!

We had a depressing discussion two days ago with some local Kenyan ladies who were not at all optimistic about finding her. She had apparently already worked as a maid in Nairobi (she's ten) and the thought was that the parents needed the money she could bring & also feared she would not be as manageable if she started to learn.

We decided the teacher would make a last effort to talk to the parents & if she was stonewalled, she would go to the Chief who's a very powerful person.

However, whether it was your prayers (my choice), a fear of the Chief, or just shame, the father sent her back to school yesterday morning!. She walked into the compound all smiles with her teacher yesterday afternoon.
And she has a few books! Maybe we maligned her dad.

My colleague will take her to Sister Augusta on Friday (the parents seem eager for her to go, for whatever reason.) She will learn there in the
brand-new classroom & stay all week in the dorm. She says she wants to stay
all the time! We'll see.

I'm closing down the lists for a few days as we leave for a safari to Samburu Nat Park & Mt. Kenya. I have what is apparently a bronchial infection (maybe from all the clouds of dust?) so I'm seeing a doctor before I leave. It's making me a bit miserable.

Watch for an update on Miriam next week. I'll also tell you about Sister Augusta's Children's Home of Divine Providence.

13 February