Oct 1 2003  I have told you that we arrived safely in East Africa and after just a week in Kenya, we left to teach for three weeks in Kampala, Uganda.

On our first weekend in Kampala, we travelled to Jinja about an hour to the east, to see the source of the Nile. It starts in green, hilly country at the edge of Lake Victoria and flows wide and swift towards two other lakes and then on to the Sudan and Egypt. At one time there was a large waterfall, since dammed for hydro electric power. Below where the falls used to be are still many large rapids. You can take a rafting tour of about six hours down these rapids and camp on the banks if you wish. One Ugandan told us that the government is trying to send a bill to Egypt for the use of the water of the Nile river! I suppose they figure there's no point in even asking poverty stricken Sudan to pay also.

We have settled in back in Kakamega, bearing with us small gifts from our students, fond memories and two very large pineapples from the border crossing (about 60c Canadian or 40cUS each). Ugandan pineapples are imported into Kenya, and are amazingly sweet and juicy, but in our town are small and double the price. We've been enjoying our big slices of fruit every day. Today we'll buy some of the tiny, sweet bananas that are a bit bigger than your middle finger, and some mangos if they have them in the market.

We are in the period of the 'short rains' which means that the heavens can open, thunder and lightening roll any time from four in the afternoon. Time to take shelter if you're outside, and switch off the power supplies indoors. The power surges can fry electrical equipment, especially computers. The mornings are fresh and cool in a cloudless sky. Kenyans complain of the cold (It's about 20-25C, but for us it's perfect)These rains should continue for a few more weeks, until we start the dry season in December.

Our (almost) perpetual sunshine makes it hard to believe that Hallowe'en is coming up at the end of the month. My Hallowe'en pages are up on my web site and The Romance Studio is running a Spooktacular contest. I've donated some books as prizes.